51-Yr-Old John Stamos Posts Shirtless Selfies On Instagram

We've gotta get on the Greek yogurt diet, STAT!!

51-year-old actor (and Oikos Greek yogurt spokesman) John Stamos is posting shirtless selfies on Instagram and it's clear that Uncle Jesse still has it going on!

Have MERCY!!

Keep 'em coming, John!!


(H/T: NNNext)


Good shots, brah. See you at 56.

His face is shocking! He was sooo hot in 1992 on full house. His body is kinda gross too, definately not a 6pac.

Oh How I wish that I was Jessie's girl.............

Oh How I wish that I was Jessie's girl.............

I agree about belly button being a little high. Kind of odd looking too. But other than that, total perfection. 


Smoking Hot!!!

Looking Great John I always did think you were one hot dude.

His Belly button seems a little high. He looks like he got shot on the stomach. hehehe

I wouldn't mind putting a shot on his stomach.  LOL

He rocks wow masallah

Well hello mister 51 and gorgeous!


Still looking at his best, very handsome...

I wish he would do a Joey Stefano biopic.

Tons better than James Franco.  John Stamos is still as hot as ever.

Truly, one of the handsomest men alive today. Hands down!

i think john is hot i always have i know im just a drag queen but i think heis one gorgious man. i mean no offense by this to anyone

No offense taken honey!!!

I have always melted at your smile, those eyes, the hair and........the body!  You can come and play at my house any time!  Your are just so handsome....WOW!!!!

I wouldn't kick him outta bed :-D

Sizzling hot - but he does have belly button issues...which I'm HAPPY to overlook, btw.



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