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8-Year Old Boy Dances His Way Into History On 'India's Got Talent'

India's Got Talent has probably already crowned its 2014 winner and the show's not even out of the audition phase yet. 

Akshat Singh, 8, slays the stage during his intense dance routine, winning the hearts of judges and becoming an international sensation in the process. #TeamAkshat



John and Alex: it takes a lot of GUTS and courage (the things that you guys clearly don't have) to get up there and perform to hundreds of live audiences and millions viewer at home,.. have some respect and self-worth will you..

John and Alex shame on you. What a pair of ignorant sloths! He's only 8 for heavens sake, and has more talent in his little finger than you could ever dream of! I suggest you re-evaluate yourselves as human beings!

Alex and are whats wrong with this world. Praying for your souls.

thats digusting...

Yeah, he is fat, all right. 

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