90-Year Old Grandmother Fights For Marriage Equality In China

The 90-year old grandmother of an openly gay Chinese man has shunned the haters and filmed a message of support for marriage equality that's received national attention. 

“I am 90-years old,” the nonagenarian says in the video. ”My grandson is gay. He is kind and mature. I hope he will find a boyfriend and live a happy life. And I hope our government supports him. ... We urge the legalization of gay marriages."

South China Morning Post caught up with Mutou, the 28-year old grandson who works as an engineer in Fuzhou. Mutou, who came out to intolerant parents, said his grandmother was his saving grace. “She even tried to calm my parents — who were less accepting in the beginning — and asked them to take it easy,” Mutou said. “She did it out of simple love.”

(Via Queerty)