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98 Degrees' Jeff Timmons Launches All-Male Musical Revue 'Men Of The Strip'

Do we get to go?!! 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons has announced his new Las Vegas all-male musical revue, "Men Of The Strip"!

The Wrap reports:

"Timmons partnered with choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard to create what is described as a "multi-faceted new live male revue entertainment extravaganza," which will be "taking sexy to a whole new level!" The production will pair singing and dancing with a wide range of music and Cirque Du Soleil-like acrobatics.

Timmons will host and perform in the show alongside eight other men, including former college football star Chris Boudreaux, fitness trainer Dwayne Baldwin, radiologist Garo Bechirian, Latin soap star Joel Sajion, stage actor Keith Webb, veteran Vegas stage performer Kyle Efthemes, wrestler in training Nate Estimada, and Jiu-jitsu trainer Charles Dera."

Timmons and his "Men Of The Strip" cast members are about to head on a 40-city tour promoting the revue as well as the behind-the-scenes docuseries surrounding the making of "Men Of The Strip."

"The show is designed to help the viewer learn about each of our guys," Timmons says. "What's fascinating is that these guys are strippers, but they are also total rock stars. Each brings a unique life experience into their work on the show. Some guys put themselves through college, some have wives, some are total party animals. They're all interesting personalities, and we take an irreverent tone to sharing their lives just as we do in the stage show itself. I think women of all ages will be fascinated by them and enjoy the fantasy element of it all."

We're noting that he said women of all ages. Don't discriminate, Jeff!! The gays will be your most loyal supporters! 

Especially if you get Nick Lachey to join you. Shirtless.


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