Aaron Carter Makes Early Exit From Rehab To Contend With Legal Matters

According to TMZ, two weeks into his stay, Aaron Carter has left rehab to attend to pressing legal matters.

His rep, Steve Honig, said:

"Aaron has left the facility where he has been working on his wellness. Several legal and personal matters arose that required his immediate and in-person attention."

In a statement to the entertainment news website, production staff from The Doctors said:

"The Doctors are saddened that Aaron did not complete the treatment we provided, as reclaiming his mental and physical health should be his number one priority. Although we are not continuing our work with him, we truly hope he gets better and is not negatively affected by outside influences."

You may recall it was on The Doctors that Carter tested positive for a "lethal combination" of drugs." 

It was also on the show that Carter expressed relief upon learning that he'd tested negative for HIV, as well as six other STDs.

ET has more on Carter's departure from rehab:

According to ET's source, Carter, who flew back to Florida late Thursday night, was "extremely disappointed that he had to leave the facility." "He was doing very well," the source shares. "He gained a significant amount of weight and was getting stronger by the day." 

The source says that Carter has told those in his inner circle that he will "continue working on his wellness, and after he handles these personal matters he will be figuring out exactly what that looks like.”