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Acid Attack At Gay Club Sends Three Men To The Hospital

A stomach-turning attack on gay men at a London nightclub has sent police on a hunt for three people in connection to the crime. CCTV footage showing one man and two woman has been released by London police as they search for those behind an acid attack that took place at Lightbox in the Vauxhall neighborhood around 4 a.m. on Sunday.

The footage shows two men and the man in question arguing outside the club. The situation quickly escalates as the man seen above is caught spraying a substance thought to be ammonia in the faces of the men. A third man was also sprayed shortly after the altercation. All three men were rushed to the hospital, but their injuries are not labeled as "serious" by authorities. 

"Following comments made during the exchange, this incident is being treated as a homophobic hate crime," a police spokesperson said. 

"No motive is known for this incident," they added. 

Anyone with information regarding the man or women shown in the CCTV footage should contact the Lambeth Community Safety Unit at 0208 649 2176 or 07909 906 168.





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You forgot the party where the Loch Ness monster asks for tree-fiddy.

People like that aint got a life. we are all human shame we dont see it in each other.

We all need to train for this type of horror, that means if your out and about, learn martial arts, kick boxing, have some pepper spray and if you can handle it, train how to use a gun and get one. If you go out and your getting plastered, take a cab go straight home don't walk around by yourself, this is not a red carpet world...

Kickboxing isn't going to do much good against someone spraying acid from a moving car.  This is identical to attacks against women in Pakistan who refuse to wear veils.  London is infested with Muslims.  They hate gays almost as much as they hate intelligent women.  The civilized countries of the world need to just get rid of Islam before it gets rid of us.

Very true!

Eric M, scientifically you are correct, but don't think that was the point.  The point is that such an attack happened at all.  

the motive is  fear of losing their power

Thank God they are ok. But I'm sure something like that will change you emotionally/mentally.

A guy might hate gay men because not secure with his own sexuality. But why would women do this? Most women I know ADORE gay men. 

I thought London, and most of Europe is supposed to be so much more culturally advanced regarding gay issues?

Almost certainly Muslims did this.  Muslims are destroying civilization.

As gays fight for civil rights, there will be those who will fight against it. I hope gay men watch their backs now more than ever.

The title says "Acid Attack", but ammonia is a base (an alkaline), complete opposite of the pH scale. 7 being neutral, <7 acidic, and >7 alkaline/base. Ammonia is around a pH of 11.

"No motive is known for this incident"

Without a doubt, the motive is just pure hate. What's going on with the explosion of so much hate in the world???

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