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ACLU To File Suit Against Missouri's Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Missouri may be brought out of the Dark Ages soon thanks to an announcement from the ACLU welcomed with joy by this Missouri-born author. On Wednesday, according to the ACLU's Diane Balogh, the organization will officially sue the state of Missouri for marriage equality on behalf of couples from Kansas City, St. Louis, mid-Missouri and Springfield. Specific details of the suit have not yet been announced but a spokesperson from PROMO, an LGBT advocacy group in the state, confirms that the ACLU is targeting a dismantling of Missouri's constitutional marriage equality ban. 

In 2004, Missouri became the first state in the nation to enshrine homophobia in its state constitution when voters approved the same-sex marriage ban by 72 percent. The law became a template for many other states that followed Missouri's lead by discriminating against loving same-sex couples. 

The suit will be filed in state court in Kansas City early Wednesday, with press conferences scheduled around the state shortly after the filing. Stay tuned to Instinct for updates. 

(Source: News Leader)


Indiana is trying to HJR-3 that will ban gay marage in the state. I hope someone can stop them before it to late and Indiana end up like Missouri.

There's a similar suit in Miami-Dade county. Several same sex couples are initiating a law suit saying it's against their constitutional rights that they are not permitted to marry in the state of Florida. Let's see what happens

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