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Acrobat Shares His Voice With Beautiful 'Love Is Love' Video

I often wonder how people become inspired to do what they do.  What was the catalysts that caused them to take action, to plan an event, to protest, to create, to do something out of the ordinary?  Often times, I think the catalyst is the drive to be a catalyst for others. 

There's a little bit of that chemistry equation present in a recent YouTube post by a Matthew Greenfield, a NYC professional acrobat and doctoral student of physical therapy at Columbia University. The main reason for the creation of his "Love is Love Advocacy Video" was to spread awareness and keep the conversation on social issues going.


My name is Matt Greenfield and I want to thank you so much for viewing our video. I was inspired to develop this project after watching Matthew Richardson's and Tyce Diorio's “Love is Love” videos as a tribute to those who died in the tragic shooting at Pulse Night club last summer. I have never been an activist, or done anything political before. In fact, besides being a proud gay man, I have not done much for the LGBT community. These videos have opened up my eyes and made me realize that I have a voice, we all have a voice, to fight for our values and elicit change. Now is the time to advocate for not only LGBT rights, but for all minority groups in the US.

We have seen so much social progress under the Obama administration in the last 8 years and I am thankful to live in a time where so many people are in support of LGBT equality. That being said, like many of you, I am afraid that this progress is going to come to a stand still or regress under the Trump administration. I am deeply concerned to live in a country where the president's cabinet and senior staff have publicly expressed LGBT discrimination.

With this fear looming over me, not knowing what the future holds for diversity in America, I have decided to speak my truth through my art. I wanted to demonstrate that love comes in all forms and will always win over hate. No matter what happens in this county, I will continue to love and express love as much and as often as I can. No one and no laws can ever take that right away from me, or any of us. Love is what I stand for, and love is what I truly believe this county stands for. Let us continue to remind ourselves of that, especially during this time of transition.



I hope this video sparks a fire within all of you, and inspires you to share your voice. I want to hear from everyone; other LGBT members, women, people of color, immigrants, people of all different faiths. Please share your voice through your own art or any other form of communication. Let's continue the conversation on social issues and push for more progress to be made.

It is our time to stand up for what is right, our time to spread the love, and our time to prove to the world that America is a diverse nation that celebrates all people. -


What do you think of Matthew Greenfield's "Love is Love Advocacy Video ?" 

Does art like this inspire you? 

Do you think art can make a difference?

For those of you that are doing, rather than saying ... what was the the catalyst that got you going, made you take a risk, motivated you to take that step to actually do something politically, socially?



h/t: Matthew Greenfield

Music:  "Believe" by Mumford & Sons



As a gay man living in homophobic Zimbabwe, I found the piece so beautifully moving and soulful!

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