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Acrobatic Gymnasts Blow Our Freakin' Minds!

So we stumbled across this today and it's basically changing the way we think bodies work.

Mind blown. Watch!

Also, this three-person gymnastics thing is like an actual thing!! Why have we been ignorant to the world of "acrobatic gymnastics" until now?!

Do the men do it to? Because....

Yeah, we'll get back to you.


You guys are such fucks. I can't believe that you have to be so negative after watching such amazing young women do such and amazing gymnastic feet. You two give men in general a bad name. 

such an amazing gymnastic feet. I would hate for anyone to have to feel the need to correct my grammar because the word I typed was an actual word and there was no correction for spelling or grammar. 

Please... I see enough people who don't know the difference between "to" and "too" on Grindr. A short article such as this should be simple enough to grammar check. Get it together, guys.

These cunts will make up any old sport to stay in the limelight long after their failed REAL gymnastic career is over!

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