Activists Fight Arkansas School District's Decision To Kick Out Kids Over HIV Concerns

Eerily similar to the Ryan White case that got the nation talking about HIV and schooling decades ago arrives a situation in Pea Ridge, Arkansas .... in 2013. 

Three young students whose foster mother is HIV+ have been kicked out of school until they can prove their statuses are negative. 

The Disability Rights Center of Arkansas has sent a letter to the Pea Ridge School District to inform officials that barring the children from public school is illegal. “The fact that the foster families have to provide documentation that the children are HIV negative before entering the school is unlawful and immoral,” reads the letter in part. 

Arkansas' KSFM has more:

While reviewing records over the summer, school district officials found an evaluation on a boy stating that the mother and sister were both HIV-positive. Administrators met Monday and notified the foster family of the children that the students could not return to school until documentation could be provided to the school proving the children were HIV-negative, according to the Disability Rights Center.

The children were sent to school the next day anyway, and they were set aside until the foster parents picked them up. The superintendent allegedly told one of the foster parents that the children could no longer return to school.

One of the kids has reportedly missed his first football game because of the discrimination. 



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