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Actor Andrew Hayden-Smith Says Downton Abbey Actor's Gay Typecast Problem Is Wrong

An openly gay Hollyoaks star is calling out Downton Abbey star Rob James-Collier for saying he’s being typecasted as gay.

Earlier this week, news circulated of Rob James-Collier saying that Hollywood wouldn’t stop trying to cast him in gay roles after he played on the hit British drama Downton Abbey.

Many people found this statement ridiculous and it looks like Andrew Hayden-Smith is one of them.

Andrew Hayden-Smith is a cast member of Hollyoaks, a British tv show about suburban teens (somewhat like Skins).

Hayden-Smith, who’s openly gay, tweeted out that he wasn’t in favor of James-Collier’s side of the situation.

While James-Collier compares his career with that of his former castmates like Lily James who just starred in Baby Driver or Dan Stevens who starred in Beauty and the Beast earlier this year, Hayden-Smith compares him to Charlie Hunnam of the original Queer As Folk.

Hayden-Smith tweeted: “Nah mate. Never did little Charlie Hunnam any harm after QAF did it?”

While Andrew Hayden-Smith’s side of this topic is more understandable, it should be pointed out that Charlie Hunnam, of Pacific Rim and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, wasn’t the best example to choose.

He played a gay character for ten episodes in a show that’s mostly unknown to the majority of America and even Hollywood.



NO! ROB'S POINT IS THAT HE PLAYED A MALEVOLENT AT TIMES GAY CHARACTER.  He of course would be best judge of whether he would have been Typecast because if he's only getting offers to play gay it's true. He didn't get to play a happy gay guy going to the supermarket like some of the others that aren't mentioned and could not have any real personal relationships because of the times therefore he was seen very narrowly by casting agents and producers. Also he plays working class and those who play Posh get a lot more offers

All the other actors his age in the show have gotten lots of work so who can blame him for wondering why he hasn't? He was as good as any of them

PS..Andrew the word is Typecast not typecasted (not a real word)

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