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Actor Ben Whishaw Talks The 'Courage' It Takes To Come Out As Gay

Actor Ben Whishaw came out publicly and revealed he was married this time last year, and now the star, who's currently promoting his film Lilting, is reflecting on coming out both personally and professionally in The Sunday Times Magazine:

“It is hard, I applaud anyone who does it. There is so much tension around doing something like that, that maybe you’re not quite thinking rationally. You can say absurd things because you are in a panic.

“I identify with the character in Lilting in as much as I had a lot of fear in doing it for a long time…it takes courage and people have to do it in their own time, which is a negotiation you see happening in the film.

Lilting follows a gay man struggling with the death of his boyfriend, who's forced to tell his partner’s grieving mother about their relationship for the first time.

Check out the trailer:

Whishaw is next set to portray Queen frontman Freddy Mercury in a biopic.

Thoughts on Lilting, Instincters?


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I saw Lilting at OUTFEST LA - it was incredibly well-done and ben Wishaw is an amazing actor

Looks like a very touching film. Glad he was able to do a project that he can be proud of after outing himself. It wasn't always like that. Great job!

I'm gonna' watch it On Demand August 8th just 'cause I think he's drop dead gorgeous. I'm sooo glad he's gay!

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