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Actor, Johnathon Schaech, Accuses Director Of Molestation!

Actor, Johnathon Schaech, Accuses Director Of Molestation!

The Vulnerable Actor Believed No Wasn't An Answer 

The allegations of sexual wrongdoing continue to pour out of the woodwork. This time, they come from someone who I've constantly dreamed of! 

Actor, Johnathon Schaech, has a long list of acting credits to his name, he's incredibly entertaining on social media, and there is no denying that he's one of the hunkiest actors I've seen in ages. It turns out this stranger who I've admired from my iPhone has been keeping a sad secret to himself for years. Since 1992, he's been silent that Sparrow Director, Franco Zeffirelli, 94, had molested him while filming in Italy. 

According to People, Schaech, now 48-years-young and married to the incredibly beautiful and talented, Julie Solomon, had been taken advantage of as almost a rite of passage into the entertainment industry. He alleged that Zeffirelli would heavily drink and then begin knocking on his door late at night, desiring to spend the night with him. Although the accused director was in his 60s, Schaech still didn't feel safe turning away the advances, because at the time he was just a model and wanted to break into the entertainment industry.  The starring role in Zeffirelli's film was to be his in. Schaech tells People:

"He molested me in my bed. He put his hands in places that I couldn’t even imagine and he did things that I am not proud of. But it’s not my fault. His pants never came off but I can see him fumbling with his belt. He attempted to give me oral sex. I just remember being like, ’God, please no. I’m OK, I’m OK.’ I did nothing. I just lay there in bed. It felt like four hours but it was probably like 30 seconds. In the moment, I don’t remember thinking, ’Oh no, my career, I have to do this.’ [Instead] I felt like it was a rite of passage, like I had to do it in a sense. I was vulnerable. I didn’t scream and yell. I didn’t physically stop him, and it took me 25 years to answer the question why not.”

Schaech goes on to tell that he's suffered alcohol and sexual addiction since his interactions with Zeffirelli. He stated Rose McGowan's bravery led him to finally come forward with these allegations.

Schaech also took to Instagram to share his story. He touches on holding in secrets, as he did with Ellen DeGeneres, being used as a beard for her on Hollywood red carpets.


In 97’ I was contracted to play Montgomery Clift in a movie called Beautiful Loser. It’s a story about a brilliant actor struggling with life in the public eye. Struggling with his addictions. His sexuality. His very being. Kevin Spacey was to direct this movie I was going to star in — until Esquire ran a story; outing him. https://www.google.com/amp/m.eonline.com/amp/news/35213/kevin-spacey-rips-esquire-on-outing-story I remember talking to him on the phone throughout the night before they were going to run the article. He felt he no longer could direct the movie. He was scared to death because he knew just how harsh the public eye could be. Like Monty he would be forced to diminish parts of his creative life. "If you see me, talk to me, or talk about me based on just one of the many stories that make up who I am, you reduce me to a single story." THE DANGER OF A SINGLE STORY.' CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE It was heartbreaking. It was the same thing I experienced with Ellen when I would hold her hand on the red carpet. Fear of being their authentic selves. Shamed for being who they authentically are. Because millions of ordinary people like you and me hold certain opinions, assumptions, and prejudices. We're human. I’m so glad and proud Ellen is in a place now where she can educate us all on love and power. Just by living her life by example. Her actions every day SPEAK volumes to the human being she is. As a father — I also hope all the women and the men speaking out keep the real predators from harming our future generations. (It's most important to protect the minors who haven't matured enough to know what's right from wrong.) And speaking from experience. There’s a big difference between being molested and being considered a piece of meat. It’s important to realize that a famous person grabbing your package in a bar is not the same crime as a powerful producer manipulating an actor or actress into coming to his or her hotel room. Having to put your body on the line for a job because they have the power to do that. (Or they manipulate you to think that.) It's just not. It's not okay for anyone to use their power to use and abuse someone's dreams

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God, I feel for Schaech.  I just want to nurture the struggling man and rid him of the issues he is dealing with. It's an incredibly deep and powerful story. I can fully empathize being in his position of wanting to succeed.

Moving forward, hopefully his actions will encourage more to speak their truth. Sexual aggression in all industries needs to stop. Consequences must be met.

h/t: People