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Adam Lambert Covers Jimi Hendrix

Folks celebrating New Year's Eve at the WinStar Casino in Oklahoma were privy to quite the treat when Adam Lambert decided to cover Jimi Hendrix's Red House during his holiday performance. It's stunning, obviously. Heck, Adam could cover Psy or Kim Zolciak and we'd still be moved to tears by the beauty. 

What do you think of Adam's interpretation of Hendrix?



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This guy is such a FAT, ugly, tranny TRAIN WRECK, who is hardly a Dlist celebrity at best.

U are so full of hate. Adam is a kind, caring loving person something you are NOT.

I really wish the Tommy haters would just give up and go away. Always following anything written about Adam's performances just to knock Tommy. In my opinion Tommy's guitar playing has improved greatly in past year. He's gotten some mentoring from Brian May from Queen hence trying new things w his guitar. Remember one thing haters Tommy isn't going away he's Adam's choice and one of his best friends.

I love it! Really there is no things, that Adam can't sing live.. He is Idol and new icon of 21st century!  

He can sing ANYTHING. Plain and simple. Vocally no one touch him. All around fantastic entertainer. Lovely surprise for us there on NYE.  

This sound is too old and not my jam, hope he never does a blues album but his vocals are nuts as usual, just don't know why he picked a song that is guitar when he doesn't play one or have a decent one. Loved him doing Marry The Night on Glee.

What? Blues in current so you need to either except it or don't listen to his new music.

I think Jimi would cringe if he heard the guitar on that cover but he would bow down to Lambert's vocals on it, this guy can sing.

Adam killed it vocally but his performance that night of Lay Me Down ruled!!

he looks great with a mustache and the buzzed sides and back. he has slimmed down. his clothes look cool, i love the short sleeves and flattering, colorblocked shirt. adam looks wonderful and the non-pop sound fits his voice. he needs to do more blues/psychedelic, non-hair metal style songs like this.

I was there, it was mesmerizing...he owns ANY song he sings so this is his now. The band did an excellent job with it too, the whole night was just so fun. Adam Lambert is unmatched in music today

Love it, or what there was of it!! Honestly, most of that was taken up by some decent but uninspired guitar playing so there wasn't a lot of Adam's vocals to go by. If he's going to sing blues then he should really focus on blues songs that feature the vocals rather than a Jimi Hendrix song that's mostly about the guitar. Mind you, I might change my mind about the guitar thing if he found someone even close to Jimi's quality to play it!! ;)

I was there NYE and I LOVED it! I hope that Adam does a lot more Soul and Blues! He sounds so funky, I wanted more and more of it. Anything Adam does is so awesome!

This is definitely one of my favorite Adam covers. He did a fantastic job.

I was there too. It was a magnificent and unexpected surprise, and his gorgeous voice just dripped with sou and left us weak-kneed. Combined with Tommy's great bluesy riffs, a ruby-red gem of a New Year's gift, an unforgettable Red House.

I was there too!   Adam was on fire and did Hendrix proud on this rendition. But then Adam can sing ANYTHING.  Have you heard him sing Brigadoon???

Adam Lambert Is a hot sexy in skin tight cloths like tight jeans & is a great singer. Adam Lambert is a ICON  Big fan of Adam Lambert

LOVE IT! Hendrix was quoted as saying he felt the weakest element of his music was his own vocals. He would have been thrilled to hear Adam's powerhouse voice expertly taking on his most old school blues song. And Adam didn't just sing it, he found the center of the song's soul and wrapped his vocals around it. In addition, Tommy Joe Ratliff on guitar killed it as well putting his own spin on the guitar runs so it sounded like BB King covering Hendrix. Everything about this performance was brilliant.

Best cover I've heard of any song and Jimi Hendrix would be very proud. This is 2nd cover of a Hendrix song first was Puple Haze and he "killed it" on that one too. Adam is at a different level than 99% of all pop singers and some rock singers too. He is able to sing any genre that he chooses and do it better than original singer.

DUH.... Of COURSE we LUVS it! Silly question. GREAT NYE treat it was. YUP :O

What a surprise treat it was. I was there. It was really awesome to hear it live for the first time. Reliving the experience through vids now. Love it! 

Brilliant cover,just raw honest vocals !! LOVE IT !!

He is magnificent!!

Perfection!! Jimi would be proud!

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