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Adam Lambert Debuts On 'Glee's' Lady Gaga Vs. Katy Perry Episode!

We've got Adam Lambert!! (Cue the Glamberts!!)

We've got Lady Gaga!! (Cue the Little Monsters!!)

We've got Katy Perry!! (Cue the Katy Kats!!)

And they're all coming together on Glee on November 7 in what's sure to be an epic episode as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga face off in the showdown to end all showdowns!

And did we mention that Mr. Lambert is performing "Marry The Night?" We assume that means his character is team Gaga!! 

Check out the preview for  "A Katy Or A Gaga"--the Nov. 7 ep of Glee!

Who's going to come out on top, Instincters?!