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Adam Lambert Takes On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This one's for the Glamberts!

Adam Lambert took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after being nominated by Glee star Chris Colfer! Watch:

The ALS Challenge raises awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

FYI,  according to USA Today

As of Thursday, the ALS Association raised $41.8 million dollars compared with $2.1 million during the same period last year. The fundraising total has increased more than $25 million this week. The association has nearly 740,000 new donors.

Incredible! We say keep the vids (and donations!!!) coming, guys! 


I ADORE this man! And for the record, I've met him up CLOSE in person twice, once in 2009 and again last New Year's Eve (2013-14) back stage before his gig at Winstar World Resort and Casino, and he is THIN! Very thin! But delightfully broad-shouldered.And even MORE gorgeous in person than any photo or video.He radiates love, acceptance, charisma and talent in truckloads! Haters need to stand down!

What kind of idiot thinks he looks fat let alone gross. One of the sexiest men alive. "Anonymous" you have issues, we get it, but we don't care. Go get therapy instead of wanking in internet comment sections. ROFLMAO

Ever notice how the QUEENNNIE guy are perpetually single. They think its cute to say GURL all the time, but it is ruining their options of a relationship.

Thank you! I've been trying to figure out why I am single. 

Fat old flamer!

Go find some other site to pollute.  

Having seen Adam and Queen 4 times on their North American tour the past month, twice up close, I can state that Adam is beautiful and thin. This is a fact, not opinion.

Black nail polish and gender bending is gross to you? Maybe find another news site? Oh, and he's not fat, not by any stretch of your body dysmorphic imagination. Tell you what Anonymous, let's see your ALS video and shed the shirt so everyone can judge you? Yeah, didn't think so. 

He is so gross and fat.

Two untruths right there --anonymous.  Jealous much?

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