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Adam Levine Debuts New Blonde Look!

PEOPLE Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive is clearly ready for the summer! 

The Voice judge Adam Levine showed off his new bleached blonde locks on Twitter over the weekend!

Perhaps it's an homage to new The Voice judge, Gwen Stefani??

What do you think of Adam's new look, Instincters??


Who is he anyway ??

Way to girly man for me!  Now Blake Shelton...there's a real man!

Like the dark locks soooooooo much better.

Definitely Hot!

Lose the color and the ho!! Don't know what's worse...his hair or her nastiness in the photo!!!


I have loved Maroon 5 and Adam for YEARS and I still cannot get into this look. For a dude who is so obsessed with his own sexiness, I don't understand!

he is better with natural color hair, he is a lot better looking

I'll take her....leave him

I adore him any shape or form!

I adore him any way, shape or form!

Haters are gonna hate he is super sexy

EXCUSE ME. .... EXCUSE ME. ... EXCUSE ME. ....Adam is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. the new color is fine with me. . Besides that People it does not matter what shirt you put on the body still looks fine. And since Adam likes to be naked. He does not need to worry about anything including his hair. Go for it. ...

It's amazing how large groups of people can be convinced to actually think this man is "the sexiest man alive." It really shows how large waves of PR momentum works in the entertainment industry.

He was attractive when he was younger. But he's gross today. 

He may be gross to you but he is yummy to me. I need no one to convince me of anything. I have long believed he is incredibly handsome and super sexy with or without the title. I do think saying he is gross is mean, immature and unnecessary. Besides have you not heard of the expression; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Hopefully you have someone in your life that finds you sexy even with your mean streak.  

I agree, looks like Miley Cyrus, lol

Handsome no matter what... It's fun to switch things up! I do like the dark better but this is fun :)

Didn't think he was beautiful before ... And this didn't help !!

If he is going to keep it he should do his eye brows and he'll have to shave..But I do like his natural hair color.

I was not attracted to him ever, but I agree,kdo the eyebrows and shave. I like hid natural color better on him. Not everyone looks good blonde and he is one of them that doesn't.

I actually think it looks great

Besides, it's his hair and he can do whatever the heck he wants to with it.  Get over it.

He looks like Miley Cyrus

I like your natural look so much better..but I can understand you wanting to make a change.

No thank you. 

Oh Adam--no honey-no!!!!!!!!!

Not for him at all!! 


"Blonde" actually is the correct spelling...

No, actually, "blonde" is only correct when you're referring to women.  Men are "blond."  

Same goes for "brunette" / "brunet".  

Omg what was he thinking? This is one look that doesn't look good on him! At least it's just hair but still lol

We all make mistakes.. this, however, is a WTF are you thinking?

No, no, no, no NO!

Everyone wants to be a blonde at least once in their life. This too shall pass.

Exactly. It's just hair. Granted I don't think it looks good on him's just hair.


No big deal, it can easily be fixed. But even with platinum hair, he's still the man!

wtf was he thinking.


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