Adam Rippon And Sam Greisman Cuddle Up At HRC Gala!


Move over Shawn Mendes, there's a new man in Adam Rippon's life! Olympic figure skating sensation Adam Rippon shot to superstardom during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games, and those who followed him from the get-go might remember that Sally Field was the Twitter wingmom for her son, Sam Greisman, who at the time confessed to having a crush on Rippon. After Sam admitted to taking a liking to the bronze medalist, she texted:

Sam… he’s insanely pretty. Find a way...

Sam and Field took the exchange to Twitter, and the moment quickly went viral. Just a few days after Field's tweet, Rippon and Greisman were allegedly texting, and as of last night we now have our first picture of the two cuties together! Both were in attendance at the Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner, and Greisman wasn't about to miss the opportunity to cozy up to his celebrity crush for a picture. Field is complete mom goals, and has spent her adult life using her voice to speak up for the LGBTQ community. But to go so far as to help her son meet the man of his dreams? Now that's gold medal parenting! Greisman cheekily included this caption with his photo of the two:

Thanks, mom.



There's no word yet on how the rest of the evening went, but it's safe to say that Field has fulfilled her motherly duties for the end of time. Hey mom, if you're reading this, I'd like a photo with Gus Kenworthy. Thx.