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Adam Shankman Sells Gay Stonewall-Meets-Mafia Series To HBO

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It looks like HBO may be adding another gay-centered series to its slate and this time it's set in the 1960's Stonewall era! 

Variety reports:

Following its recent adaptation of Larry Kramer’s AIDS-era play “The Normal Heart” for a TV movie, HBO has announced another period project centered around gay rights.

Adam Shankman (“Rock of Ages,” “Hairspray”) and Dave Kajganich (“A Bigger Splash,” “True Story”) have sold the project “Open City” (working title) to the premium cabler. Set in Lindsay-era New York of the late 1960s, the drama explores characters from disparate corners of Manhattan as they navigate the cultural revolutions and political turmoil of the era — including the unlikely alliance between the mafia and the city’s gay community in the opening of a West Village nightclub.

Both men will executive produce, with Kajganich writing and Shankman directing the project. 

Stonewall meets the mob! Intrigued, Instincters?? 


I'll Netflix it!

DUH! Do your research kids - most gay clubs back in the 60s ONLY stayed open because they were owned by the Mob - who in turn had to pay off the cops. Raids were frequent to a make it look like the cops were enforcing the "laws" AND to get more payola 

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