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Adorable Couple Gives Military Base Its First Same-Sex Wedding

This made us smile! 

Major Daniel Toven and his husband Johnathan Taylor became the first same-sex couple to exchange vows at Fort Bragg, a North Carolina military base and it looks like their military brethren got quite cheeky in the aftermath!

Check out their exit from the church after they exchanged their vows!

The couple legally wed in Washington, D.C. as same-sex couples cannot legally marry in North Carolina, but they received an Episcopal blessing during the ceremony at Ft. Bragg. 

Speaking on the nuptials to the Fayetteville Observer:

“We weren’t exactly sure if anyone had done that yet,” Toven said of the Saturday ceremony. “But all soldiers have access to post chapels. There’s just something iconic about getting married in a post chapel.”

The couple said they found no resistance in booking the Main Post Chapel, which officials have said hosts about 10 weddings each month.

An Army chaplain sponsored the couple, and the chapel was booked with only a few forms.

One of the applications, however, did get a small change.

Taylor said the couple crossed out “Bride” and instead annotated a “Groom 1” and “Groom 2.”

“We’d be lying if we said we did not think about it,” Taylor said of the ceremony’s place in Fort Bragg history. “But it says a lot about the wonderful place we’re at.”


We think they make a pretty adorable pair, don't you? (And it looks like they have some great friends!)


Image Source (H/T: NNNext)


Awesome couple. Best to you in all respects

Marry on in the military chapel. Who cares, the chaplain can no longer say God or Jesus so just who's blessing do they have?

They have mine, and a million times over.

Congratulations Boys! I'm excited and Happy for you! Merry Christmas to your "new" Family! God Bless

i wish if i could contact this couple in e mails.Please send your contact numbers also

Too awesome!

I'm straight and have been married to the same woman for thirty years because it is my right to do so.
 LGBT folk have that same right and I will fight to protect it because I believe we are ALL created equal.  If I didn't, I'd live in Iran.

Congratulations on your nuptials !

Patriot, you sure do speek guud english. lol. Come back to this board after you finish 8th grade grammar class.

Time to courts marshal them. Not with standing with good order and discipline.

Hate to disappoint you Patriot, but Major Toven is legal wed under civil law, with Episcopal blessing, in the base chapel.  You do know that had to be approved through the base chain of command, yes?

Get over it, the days of homophobic regulations in the military are done.

Merry Christmas, Major and Mr. Toval!

Geoff W, you said it best

Grrrrr... Major and Mr. Toven.  Sorry about that typo!  There's no edit feature for me to go and correct it.

Major & Mr. Toven...that sounds too cool...!!!

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