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Adults Make Fun Of 3-Year Old Boy Dressed Like A Princess At Birthday Party

Chester, who will soon turn 4-years old, wanted to go as Sleeping Beauty to his friend Chloe's Princes and Princesses birthday party. His supportive parents happily obliged and helped him dress for the big event. What happened at the party, however, is all too indicative of ignorance in a society fighting tooth and nail to reinforce gender binary stereotypes. 

His mom shared the following graphic at The Meta Picture to tell Chester's story:



She Looks beautiful, I think she also likes to wear even in this dress she get traditional appearance.

Why is it so bad to have men be men and women be women. So because I dress more manly I am stereotyping myself? 

It makes no sense how society is so against men being brought up to be masculine. 

Not saying that this kid dressing up in a princess outfit is bad. It's cute it's funny. Many men do it. Is do it if I could. But I'd still dress and be how I am. I am proud to have been raised to be masculine. All men should be. 

Um excuse me?! No one said it was bad to be masc or fem. you should raise your kids to accept and be proud of who they are not what YOU think they should be. Your ignorance is so strong....

It's been a hot topic lately. Many people are saying that raising boys to have a certain level of masculinity is harming them. It's the most ridiculous argument ever. I have no ignorance. If the boy wants to wear it, go him! Rock that shit! The other adults should not have reacted that way as they so did. But I also don't think we should eliminate the concept of masculinity like many people argue that we should. 

Will, all men should not be raised to be masculine! They should be raised to be who they are, whether it is feminine or masculine. They should also be taught acceptance!!

Some people would say that "who they are" isn't fully developed, and it's the parents responsibility to guide the child. Because, as a child, they dont know. I wouldn't want my male child to unknowingly choose female clothing at such a young age. Once they're older and can make a mature and well formed decision to do that, then fine. 

Cute. He pulled it off. 

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