After 13 Year Old Trans Boy Takes His Own Life, His Religious Parents Share A Deeply Moving Message

Absolutely heartbreaking!

A 13-year-old trans boy recently took his own life.

Alabama middle school student Jay Griffin enjoyed things like drawing, staying up late, and playing the clarinet in his school band.

Sadly, on the morning of May 25, his parents discovered him dead in his own room.

‘Jay was an advocate for the LBGTQ community,’ wrote Jay’s parents, Matt and Erin Georgia, in his eulogy. 

"Between publicly educating friends and family on proper pronoun use, and privately struggling with being called by his birth name and gender, Jay continued searching for the ever-elusive balance of social acceptance and personal validation."

Since Jay's passing, his parents have made it their mission to raise awareness about transgender children, and to help demonstrate to other parents that you can be a person of faith and still love your LGBT child. 

Said Erin to

"I was concerned about loving and accepting and trying understand his perspective.

"We’ve always just loved and accepted our children for whoever they are. 

"I’m a very outspoken, tattooed Christian, very strong in my faith. We were just encouraging Jay. I would notice things as a mother and was like, 'Hey, anything you want to talk to me about, I’m here.'"

Regarding the experiences of young trans people, Erin said:

"As children, they’re put in these public places they’re required to be in.

"The real point is we need to promote education of diversity. Not just for the children, because the children get it. We need to reach out to parents."

Read the deeply moving words of R.g. Wilson-Lyons, who spoke at Jay’s funeral:

H/T: Gay Star News