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Is The AIDS Epidemic Coming To An End?

Could the AIDS epidemic be nearing its end?? One top United Nations official seems to think so!

Inquirer News writes

“I think that 2030 is a viable target to say that we have reached the end of the epidemic,” said Luis Loures, a deputy executive director of UNAIDS, the UN agency leading the fight against HIV/AIDS.

“HIV will continue existing as a case here or there but not at the epidemic level we have today,” he told journalists late Wednesday.

Three million new HIV infections are reported each year and the disease, which attacks the immune system, kills 1.7 million people a year.

“We can get to the end of the epidemic because we have treatments and ways to control the infection,” said Loures, who is in Panama to discuss AIDS strategy with UN agencies in Latin America. “We are making progress, without a doubt.”

Two decades ago the average annual cost of treatment per person with HIV was $19,000 while today it is $150 thanks to generic drugs.

Moreover, people with HIV are getting treatment earlier, which retards the disease’s development.


“The challenge is now for the most vulnerable groups,” like homosexual males, sex workers and drug users who do not seek treatment for fear of being stigmatized or criminally prosecuted, Loures said.

“If we do not succeed in controlling the epidemic among these groups, AIDS will stay with us,” he warned.


We'd say this is good news--though it clearly will require continued and increased diligence on our parts with regards to our sexual health. 

This along with the strides that are being made in efforts to find a cure for HIV/AIDS and perhaps 2030 isn't an unrealistic goal? What do you think, Instincters?



It well never be over till every last cell of the HIV Virus has been arrogated from the Earth. And then only is a care can restore it's victims back to a normal life. What we have now to fight HIV is good. But Good is not a cure. And if my some Miracle we fine a cure. A Drug company stop making TRILLIONS off the Victims of HIV as there "CASH COW". The Victims of HIV will still be sick from ailments there have come down with.  So "NO" its is not over!

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