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An Airline Posted A Pro-LGBTQ Message... And Hecklers Stormed It

Credit: Royal Dutch Airlines

Royal Dutch Airlines posted a picture on Twitter in support of the LGBTQ community and gay pride… and it kind blew up in their face.

The Airline uploaded the above picture in which they tried to take a light and joyous stance supporting the LGBTQ community.

In it, we see several belt buckles trying to connect. Some of similar ends and some of opposite ends. Get the metaphor?

Then, the text for the tweet said, "It doesn't matter who you click with. Happy "

But of course, there were hecklers waiting in the wings to talk down the tweet, image, and message.




I’ll be honest with you all, I find the backlash kind of funny and kind of offensive.

I mean, I totally get the tweet where someone’s just straight out like, “Only one of those buckles.” You’ve got to see the humor in that. It’s true and whoever was in charge of the message and tweet had to see that one coming. If they didn’t, that’s on them.

That said, it is also concerning seeing some people talk about “make-believe marriages” and how gay marriage won’t last. How do they know? From the several examples of straight marriages ending in divorce?

Guys, let’s just enjoy the nice nod to the LGBTQ community that has a funny little picture with a little bit of a problem but ultimately is right in its true intent.

To do any more than pointing out that one little blimp in the system is just taking the joke to an unnecessary place.

Let’s not go there.



That's because marriage is an institution created by God as one man and one woman, it's not an institution created by government. Marriage is a form of civil union which is the legal term for marriage. If you want to expand the definition of civil union go for it, keep the government's hand out of religion though.

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