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Alec Baldwin Jokes That He's Gay In Latest Attempt To Repair Damage

Alec Baldwin's "I'm Not A Homophobe" tour continued Wednesday, when he asked a member of his entourage to stand up before a large audience in San Francisco. "I want you to be my lover, Matt," Alec beamed to his friend in front of the crowd. "I love you, Matt. I love you in that way."

Alec went on to tell the tech crowd that had gathered for his appearance that he has loved plenty of men in his life, some more than women, though he stressed never in "a sexual way." The embattled actor let the laughter die down before reiterating that he didn't say "fag" during that gaffe with a paparazzi last week. 

"If in any context in the world that we live in today, if any word is remotely offensive to people, then I’m perfectly willing to learn a different word," he added. 

During his speech, Alec also told listeners that he hopes his daughter doesn't have as much of an issue with temper as he's experienced and pleaded with the audience to take everything they read on the Internet with a grain of salt. 

"There is a drive-by justice to the Internet society," Alec said. "They indict you, convict you and hang you on the same day."

What do you think of Alec's attempts to repair his anti-gay reputation with these kind of jokes?

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Good attempt to clear the air. .I have see you and spoken to you in NYC and Sage Harbor Long Island and you were very friendly and loved petting the pugg me and fiancee's (male) pugg. I wish you were gay I had the hots for you for years...xoxo

I have always been a huge fan of his even after he started having these ridiculous outbursts but enough is enough he needs to stop and pay the price for these out of control anger outbursts it's obvious he has issue's with he gay community but he keeps denying it but you're anger speaks for itself and you can't keep blaming the anger, the issue here is him he is the thing that needs fixing but unfortunately there is no cure for what he has but...... if he doesn't already smoke pot he should seriously start.

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