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Alec Baldwin Says 'Goodbye' To Public Life Following Anti-Gay Controversy

Alec Baldwin is saying goodbye to public life via a lengthy editorial piece in New York Magazine's Vulture

In the lengthy piece, Baldwin discusses being unfairly labeled anti-gay (opinions on whether this was fair or unfair vary), and laments that new world order that's made fame and public life practically untenable. 

But we'll let Alec speak for himself! We're sure he'd prefer it that way.

Head over the Vulture for Baldwin's apparent final bow.


The Alec Baldwin that's the topic of this forum is the same Alec Baldwin that was in "The Hunt For Red October". He was 24 years younger and yes, much better-looking than he is now. He (and his actor brothers William, Stephen, and Daniel) are not related to Adam Baldwin, who played Jayne Cobb in "Firefly".

He's a piece of shit and needs to go ahead and retire. Nobody likes his ass anyways and everything that comes out of his mouth is either rude, offensive, or flat out mean and trashy. For someone who has so much money you would think he'd carry himself a little better, but no, not this jackass!

Poor, misunderstood Alec Baldwin. What a whiner. I won't miss him. That's if he actually follows through on this. If he doesn't, then I'll continue to not watch him, like I haven't been ever since "The Shadow" and "The Hunt for Red October".

it was his brother that was in Hunt For Red October, and he is much better looking in my opinion

It was indeed Alec in Hunt for Red October - he actually did a pretty good job I thought

No, it was Alec Baldwin in Hunt for Red October.

I guess the public has served him well- going to his movies, watching his shows, putting up with news stories on his anger issues.  He doesnt need us anymore.

You mean Alec, not Adam.

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