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Alec Baldwin Uses Offensive Language To Take On Anderson Cooper

Alec Baldwin obviously lost control of his mouth long, long ago in an accident that quickly turned him into the liberal Donald Trump. Now, Alec is shooting his ambiguously homophobic chatter at a new, more powerful target: Anderson Cooper. 

During Alec's recent appearance on the Howard Stern Show, the topic of Anderson's disgust with the 30 Rock star's Twitter fiasco from earlier this summer (you know, the "toxic little queen" back and forth) came up. 

Said Anderson shortly after Alec came under fire for using anti-gay language against a journalist, “Why does Alec Baldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs? If a conservative talked of beating up a ‘queen’ they would be vilified.”

Well, Alec didn't take so kindly to being criticized by the out star. 

“What I realize about him is, everybody in media, they have a job to do," Alec told Howard. "Anderson Cooper has a job to do. And that job is to try to reinforce his credibility in the gay community after the fact that you couldn’t get him out of the closet for 10 years with a canister of tear gas. Now he’s the sheriff. Now he’s running around writing everybody a ticket!”

Yeah, we were distracted while imagining Anderson Cooper dressed as a sheriff, but it's still painfully clear that Alec is stuck in the ice age of Hollywood, a time when nobody had the balls to call out these kind of jokes as offensive.

Times have changed Alec and you're showing your age. Someone needs to take away your keys before you get another ticket. 

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Anderson Cooper is a class act and Alec Baldwin is a jackass

I don't think Alec Baldwin knows what he is.

I think the reason Cooper was "in the closet" was due to fact he was an International journalist and could be set to a place that isn't too kind to the GLBT community!

Before I read the article, I said to myself "Why would anyone have anything to say about poor sweet Anderson." And he really is a nice guy. So what is Anderson Cooper doing by offering his opinion about Alec Baldwin? Is he really that offended? Then why have you been staying in the closet for so many years? And to begin with, what Alec Baldwin posted on his twitter a few weeks back, wasn't even that offensive. In this case, I would have to side with Alec. Anderson Copper is the last person who should be acting so hurt and offended.

I don't care if AC waited until he was 100 years old and was coming out on his deathbed, a homophobic slur is a slur.  If someone looked "white" but came forward later in life as being of other heritage, would it be OK to call him racial slurs?  If a person of Jewish heritage kept it quiet for decades and just came forth with his faith, does that make it OK to sling anti-Semitic names at him?  Hate is hate.  It's all the same.  

As a gay man who didn't come out until my mid-30s, I know some of what that long closeted period entails.  I doubt very much AC was sitting back in his marabou slippers and apple-tini chuckling at all those doing "the heavy lifting."  In some regards, it's even harder seeing what's happening in the world and not being able to act for fear of blowing your cover, no mater how transparent it is.  And once you're out, you've got lost time to make up for.  And in AC's case, he has the star power to really make a difference -- but also the visibility to make him a bigger target for hate.

The whole issue of Baldwin being able to make these gay-hating slurs and basically get a straight-boys-will-be-straight-boys pass sickens me.  Again, if Baldwin used an inappropriate racial term about about someone always thought of as "white" as recently revealed as having an African heritage, wouldn't you expect the black community tio be up in arms.  Or if it were a Jew-hating epithet thrown at someone recently public with his Hebrew background, all Jews would be right in creating a backlash, don't you think?  So as LGBT people, if someone attacks on of ours, it is our duty to stand up to the bully, even if AC was tardy to the party, he's one of us now.  That's why we call ourselves "family."

Yeah Baldwin is not the smartest, not the most subtle guy around, but he's spot on about some things.  Guys like Anderson Cooper are magically transmogrified into some sort of hero by many lgbt people when they finally come out after playing it safe for most of their career, after waiting for everyone else to do all the heavy hauling to make it 'safe' to do so.  Baldwin called Cooper on this, and no matter that he did so gracelessly.  He's right.  All these years, all these huge issues, Cooper sat there behind his anchor desk building his brand.  He's nobody's hero.  So he's out now.  Who the fuck cares?

Alec Baldwin is just a bully.  This is the man who called his own daughter a PIG.  He's an out of control nobody and his behavior should get him fired but Tina Fey and NBC are more about the money.  I think the whole world knows that Alec, right next to Mel Gibson, has an anger manager problem and is just a bully.

Alec Baldwin is an asshole. Plain and simple. A fine actor..but an asshole none the less. Just me sayin'....

Really @John?? More like way to deflect, Alec.

Good for Alec Baldwin he is absolutely right, well said.

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