Alex Minsky Bares All For Broadway Bares: Rock Hard!

Instinct favorite Alex Minsky bared all at Broadway Bares: Rock Hard and it's taken us this long to catch our breath! 

Check out the NSFW photos and video highlights from the night! 

(H/T: Sticky / Wicked Gay Blog)



been there     utterly boring

I could be wrong, but I think Patrick was commenting on what Mike said.  

I wonder how much of the money they made went to putting on the show lol

It looks like some people have absolutely no sense of humour. Really, I never thought that being gay meant being boring and self-righteous. Come on people, this is a fun event for charity. Get a life !

Of course someone had to troll about an event where people get to go crazy and have fun in the name of charity. Shame on you.

Really? "Shame on you" for exhibiting some hot pictures of people who were exhibiting themselves all for a good cause? Shame on you for being a dull prig.

totally Boring

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