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Alex Minsky Is New Face Of Jack Adams Underwear

At the risk of putting you guys on Alex Minsky overload (but really, in this case is there ever too much of a good thing?), we wanted to share that the marine turned model is now the 2014 face of Jack Adams underwear and activewear!

Check out Alex's new Jack Adams promo video:

And our crush only grows.


Image Source (H/T: Wicked Gay Blog)



I saw him in the view and I think he's an awesome person. I look at him as a person not a sex thing. His smile does you in. I wish great success in the future. Awesome tats. 

hes not hung hes avg size i seen all his hardon selfies he took of himself , its called padding 

I cant believe anyone took the time to say anything negative about this man!  He is BEAUTIFUL!  Negative commenting people are just SAD!  Shame on YOU!!

OMG HE UNGLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

I love the underwear with the peekaboo cut-out over his butt.

Sexy as hell! Love the tats and damn, great ass! You are inspiring on so many ways and I hope you make a ton of money to play in life 

RIGHT ON Cory!  Well said!!!  Bravo to this amazing man...

Not my kind of hunk (the tats turn me off big time) but I'm old school that way.... grew up very religious and tats were a sin (as were piercings) BUT his personality won me over and I wish him the best of luck with the modeling -- glad he's not afraid to show his prosthetic. We are still so "traumatized" at the sight of our veterans with missing limbs. I can see it when I'm in crowds and it's amazing how folks react when they see someone with such injuries. 

Do you not have a similar visceral reaction to a man with tattoos or piercings that others might have to a man with a prosthetic leg? Choice or not, it's still an aesthetic difference that, though you may not agree with (because of clearly-stated religious disagreement), is still a difference that exists outside of your particular opinion. In your words, "it's amazing how folks react when they see someone with such" ... injuries, tattoos, skin color? Some people are still so "traumatized" at the sight of tattooed people. I can see it when I'm in crowds, businesses, or on forums, and it's amazing how folks react when they see someone with such aesthetic differences.

I love his humbleness. He seem so dwn to earth. His tats are in the perfect places. Imma a fan!!

What is wrong with his voice? That post about his voice "ruined his sexiness" has to be one of the most shallow, ridiculously stupid, and low class things ever posted on a gay website and that's saying something! This man is an amazing beauty both inside and out as well as a symbol of overcoming life's obstacles or tragedies. Life is still a struggle for him, it never ends with injuries like he sustained. We should all thank any soldier we come in contact with along the way, we have no idea of their own damage both physical and mental.

Dude , are you kidding ? his second week in Iraq he was hit by a bomb and was in the hospital for a year recovering from surgery ! he had to learn to walk all over again and talk . his jaw was busted in five places and he had reconstructive surgery for that ! An example of judging and open your mouth before you know the story! I admire him for what he's done ! 

I saw the segment with him on The View--there is nothing wrong with his voice--he comes across as such a down to earth person--would love to meet him face to face.  He is amazing considering everything that he has gone thru

I could hear him all day every day. A fine specimen....Hunka hunka burning Papi Chulo.....You keep doing you "Dude" so that we can see much more. Pour it on....shy your not. Thank God!

I love you guys over at Instinct! I also appreciate the shout out. Keep up the amazing work on this top notch site and magazine!!! 

Yea. Hearing him speak ruined his sexiness. I could not stand that voice for long.

... hearing him speak ruined his sexiness?  He is an example of the enduring human spirit. After all he went through, that's your take on him? He's fortunate now that he won't have to tolerate you either as you sound just delightful.

I believe his voice sounds like that due to the tracheostomy he had. You could see the scar on his neck.

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