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Alexander Skarsgard Chose To Go Full Frontal Nude On 'True Blood'

Apparently we solely have  Alexander Skarsgard to thank for his full frontal nude scene on the season finale of True Blood

Skarsgard's co-star Stephen Moyer tells E! News' Marc Malkin:

"It was never intended that way," Stephen Moyer told me yesterday at the BAFTA LA Tea at the SLS Hotel. "It was never written to have him full frontal. Alex doesn't like wearing his 'sock' or the 'sack of destiny' as we call it.'"

His sack of what?

"It's the sack of destiny that covers everything," Moyer laughed. "He doesn't like wearing those so he had one in his room that day [but] he was the one who chose not to wear it."

Moyer says the crew had unsuccessfully tried some "camera trickery" to hide the goods.

Moyer says he has no plans to follow in Skarsgard's full frontal footsteps. "I'll save that from the crew," he cracked.


Let us all give thanks to this Norse Viking god. Alexander, you're the gift that keeps on giving!

May that "sack of destiny" never again see the light of day for any of True Blood's male castmembers!


Half the population have penises, most of the other half are like penises. This shouldn't be such a big deal...

He's no Dirk Diggler, but it's still good to see what I can't have. I wish he had did it more often.

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