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Alexander Skarsgard Strips Down Again For New Cut Copy Music Video

The last time we saw Alexander Skarsgard he'd stripped down to his nude full-frontal glory on True Blood, and now the clothing-challenged actor (an affliction we'd like to see more Hollywood male stars come down with) is baring more than his soul once again in this video for Australian electro-band, Cut Copy. 

Sure, Alexander's sporting a wig. And yes, he may be some sort of cult leader in this video for the song "Free Your Mind," but he's also a shirtless Viking god cult leader who runs through the forest in his underwear, so we won't hear any complaints!


Sigh. Keep doing what you're doing, Alexander. Keep doing what you're doing.


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It sucks show nothing, he has a nice body but not naked it was a waste of time.

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