All the Hunks of 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Revisited For Your Viewing Pleasure

Even though I grew up in the 90's, a show that I never really tuned into for the most part was the teen classic Beverly Hills, 90210.  Even though the show was originally about high schoolers growing up in Beverly Hills, 90 percent of the cast at that point was at least college-aged.  I mean, Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris) in real life was 29 when she started the show, so should get my Trapper Keeper and skate my way to class right now?

Regardless, the show became a major phenomenon, even though it was close to being canceled after its first season.  Part of the show's success, outside of its fantastic story lines (no shade), was the bevy of super hot dudes that either stayed the course the entire time (Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green), or came and went as the series progressed (Jamie Walters, Luke Perry, etc). 

Thanks to Hulu, all 200 plus episodes are available for your viewing pleasure, as is the reminder of just how good looking the men of the cast were.  If you need a refresher, see below and think of one of these guys making their way to hit on you at The Peach Pit.

Ian Ziering: Steve Sanders


Nothing like a dip in the Blue Lagoon to feel like a Viking!

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Jason Priestley: Brandon Walsh


Thanks for showing up Gabrielle! #oldfriendsarethebestfriends

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Luke Perry: Dylan McKay


This picture is so adorable #lukeperry

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Brian Austin Green: David Silver

Daniel Cosgrove: Matt Turning


This one's for @jorihall2010 #BeverlyHills90210

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Jamie Walters: Ray Pruit