'All Stars 3' Recap: Karma Definitely Hits One of the Girls in the Padded Behind

All Stars 3 continues to get better and better each episode.  It seems as if the queen that goes home each week does so because she doesn't seem to understand the energy that she's exuding.  Case in point... the one who left this week.  SPOILER ALERT: it's Milk.  Rotten, expired, Milk. 

Of all the girls this season, Milk was least on my radar when it came to who I thought was going to ge the villain edit.  She was so quirky and fun and didn't get involved in any of the drama that season 6 created (and there was a ton of it), yet each episode this season she harshly came for several of the other queens while not really understanding why she wasn't shining the way she sees herself as.  

The episode starts off as it usually does, with the queens talking about the one who got eliminated.  Thorgy didn't exactly make her goodbye classy and all with her drawing of a dick in lipstick.  Shangela isn't too phased by it, as both she and Ben made the decision to send Thorgy home over Chi Chi which in the long run makes the most sense (Thorgy is great but isn't designed for a show like this).

Milk decides to go after Kennedy and basically say that it should've been her going home instead of Thorgy.  Kennedy gets mad (rightfully so) but contains her anger in a way that was actually admirable.  This will play itself beautifully towards the episode's end.

Anyways, we have no mini-challenge again so its off to the races with this week's maxi-challenge.  It's a parody of the ABC reality show The Bachelor called The Bitchelor.  The eight remaining girls had to come up with a character that you so often see on a show like this, albeit the cougar, insecure girl, stalker and many more.  The suitor?  None other than unREAL star Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman, who is YUMMY.  Like really yummy.  

If there is one queen to look out for in this episode, its Aja.  She went home for acting in her season during their 90210 spoof, so I was really hoping she would do a complete 180 as she's so hilarious outside of her character and has been doing very well so far in AS3.  Sadly, her part as the insecure girl fell flat. Very flat.  I understood where she was going, but there was a clear method in getting that role done that she just didn't do.  She saved herself however later in the episode (more of that to come).

Standouts in The Bitchelor were Ben as a cougar, Trixie as a fake L.A. girl and Kennedy as her own version of a party girl.  Shangela would've fared better if Chi Chi was a better partner in the whole polyamorous skit they were doing.  Chi Chi is great, she's a unique queen, but I'm not too sure if this is the show for her.  When I did the Meet the Queens event a couple of weeks ago, Chi Chi barely made any conversation.  She doesn't even make eye contact with you, so doing something like an acting challenge of course would be... a challenge for her.

Trixie would've done much better had Milk just shut up every once in a while.  I get where Milk was going with the psycho girl, but it was overkill.  Just like her Celine.  If she took that laid back energy she had in the first episode when they did the talent show, it would've been better.  I have no idea what has gotten into her this season, but it's not good.  At all.

Ben once again lands in the top two alongside Kennedy, and I feel the judges definitely got this one right.  Ben has been killing it, but it concerns me that the minute she falls in the bottom two or three, she'll be gone.  Which would be a smart move for the other girls to do, given that she's totally unstoppable at this point.

The runway looks tonight are Wigs on Wigs on Wigs, inspired by Roxxxy Andrew's wig reveal from season 5.  Ben is the only one who really does a big reveal, both on her head and with her dress made out of wigs.  Aja's look also gets high praise as its colorful "Sailor Moon" esque type look really wowed the f out of me.  She's really stepping her fashion game up this season and I am living for every minute of it.

The song they lip sync to this week is Lorde's "Green Light".  This is a GREAT choice, as its mix of slow and fast paced works wonders for what each of the girls can do on stage. Ben is sort of just doing her thing, while Kennedy is really feeling the emotions of the lyrics and wins. 

Kennedy wins, and does the RIGHT thing in sending home Milk over Chi Chi (3rd time in the bottom) and Aja (first time in the bottom).  Milk got what she deserved, and now she's gone.  Honestly, good luck in repairing your career after your 3 episode stint here. 

Snatch Game next week, halleloo!