All The Tea From The 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3' Meet the Queens Event!

One of the most anticipated premieres in 2018 has to be RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3, which takes 10 (9 already announced) legendary Drag Race girls and brings them back together to see who will be crowned queen of all queens. 

1515 Broadway, right in the heart of Times Square, played host to a special Meet the Queens event, where all nine of the girls showed up in their most fashion ready outfits and dished the tea on the new season and why they ultimately think they are going to win the crown and join the other All Star winners in Alaska and Chad Michaels.  

Aja, Chi Chi DeVayne, Morgan McMichaels, Bendelacreme, Kennedy Davenport, Shangela, Milk, Trixie Mattel and Thorgy Thor were all in attendance for the big night.

A full recap will be up closer to the premiere about what the girls exclusively told me (and they spilled the tea for sure), however each of them did share why they think they are going to win All Stars 3, and their answers are diverse, interesting and above all, hilarious.

Take a look at what each said, and check back here next Thursday for a full recap of tonight's event shortly before the show premieres that night on VH1.

Why do you think you will win All Stars 3? 

Shangela: "Why should I not win first of all?  I've been in this game, I've watched this game and I've learned, and now I'm ready for the next round!"

Trixie Mattel: "I've already stolen the money straight out of RuPaul's Venmo.  I don't care if I win, I've got the money."

Aja: "I'm gonna win all stars 3 because I don't give a fuck, I'll set them all on fire."

Chi Chi: "I'm gonna win All Stars 3 because I"m real, I'm chill.. nah I'm just playing. I'm gonna win because everybody loves me and everybody knows All Stars is about RuPaul's Best Friend Race."

Thorgy Thor: "Well I've already won, kidding.  I'm gonna win because no one else dresses like Big Bird, and every episode I dress like a different Sesame Street character."

Kennedy Davenport: "I'm gonna win All Stars 3 because I'm evolution baby."

Bendelacreme: "I'm gonna win All Stars 3 because I'm very important and good at stuff."





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