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Allstate Releases Breathtaking LGBT Pride Ad

Allstate has joined an elite group of companies making extra effort to support the gay community during National Pride Month. In the mostly-animated "Out Holding Hands" ad, the insurance company beautifully captures what it's like growing up in a society that has labeled you "different." 

"We believe everyone should be treated with respect and without judgment no matter who they love," reads a description on Allstate's website. "Everyone deserves to be in good hands." [Emphasis mine.]

What does this have to do with insurance, you ask? Allstate explains: "Being visible should never leave you feeling vulnerable."

Check out the gorgeous video:


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I am not gay, I do not have any gay friends (that I know about).  I just want to say that I applaud Allstate for their ad.

I just want to much I appreciate this comment. I absolutely am happy to see more allies coming up. :) Thank you.

If you have more than 10 friends, you have gay friends, you just don't know it.

That's a ridiculous claim to make. On top of the fact that National Safe Place puts the statistics for same sex attraction at 3-4% of men and 2-3% of women, even if it were 10% of the general population, that doesn't mean Bigrob's friends are lying or in the closet. That's not how statistics work, at all. I'm glad you expressed that view though, so that a very ignorant idea could be corrected.

Kudos for being the biggest ball buster on here!

Applause Applause Applause.

All State is my insurance company and I am so pleased to see this add .. I am gay. They did a wonderful job on the entire performance, Also I am happy to know that something I belong to covers all parts of my life. YES I am GAY. Keep up the good work, and I hope this will be shown on regular television. And again it is Breathtaking. wonderful music. acting, would be nice to have the rest of the insurance companies to follow.

Belle publicité et ce un message fantastique de bonheur pour l'humanité. Bien fait.

First, what a very well done commercial; beautiful lyrics, great animation, touching story. 

Second, things change within companies from year to year and views can vary from employee to employee.  Just about every big company has discriminated against someone at a point. At some point we have all felt dissatisfied with the quality of service we were given. That doesn't mean things can't change.  What if we took, I'm referring to those Gay men, the bad experiences and contacted Allstate, so that they are aware of where the changes really need to be made.  The commercial is a great start, now let's grow on that.

Third, this is not your personal therapy blog. Your issues with your sexuality, your self-esteem, and personal traumas have nothing to do with the commercial. 

Oh my........I'm gonna check ut what Allstate has to offer my Hubby and me;

Oh wonderful. I'm gonna check out Allstate has to offer my Hubby and me!

Wow! Goosebumps. very awesome

this is awesome!

this is awesome !

I wonder if this will be on regular television or if it will just be a LOGO and online thing. I hope it will be regularly seen on regular television. 

This is a beautiful video. It's so sad that people can be so ignorant when it comes to these types of things. People are on here bashing others and making rude comments instead of staying focused on what this is about. Smh!! Then we wonder why the world is the way it is.

While I doubt I'd change from State Farm, I am so impressed by this ad!  I am proud of the companies that spend money on marketing to promote diversity.  It's been a long time coming!  Congrats!!  Beautiful!

While I do love this ad, family discounts have been available for anyone that lives within the same household for sometime, as does liability.

Very nice commercial. We've gone mainstream! However, I really don't watch unless there are hot shirtless guys at some point.

Then you are the shallow stereotype that gives the rest of us a bad name. Use your brain, not just your groin.

Well stated!

I agree

Hello, dunderheads: Addison forgot to add a winky emoticon like that one.

Here are a few more in case you still think he was being literal:

yaoi hands

It has begun.

Before praising Allstate for their progressive social policies, one should investigate they many ways they abuse their customers. They will go to any length to deny legitimate claims.

I TOTALLY disagree !  I have been a happy Allstate homeowners and car insurance policy holder for DECADES.  The only time I have ever been unhappy are the few times I foolishly switched to some other company !!

You dumb, uneducated FAGS will desperately grasp onto anything GAY.

You worthless parasites!

You're an incredibly stupid person, aren't you?

Your shameless trolling is exactly the reason this ad works.

Shouldn't you be kicking a puppy somewhere?

Honey not EVERYONE making a comment here is nearly as uneducated as you, nor male, nor gay !  So there !  LOL !  (Why did this guy read this page in the first place ?)

I'm an educated FAG thank you very much!

Kev is sad today. He didn't have his morning meal of colostomy bag stew yet. 

I want to congratulate you for your bravery and thank you for calling us out on a fact; we will "grasp on to anything GAY". 

I'm going to invite you to grasp on to some self-esteem. Grasp on to someone or something that makes you feel better about yourself so that you don't have the need to destroy others to make yourself better. 

Experience has taught me, Kev, that the one that fights against something the loudest has the biggest secret. 

Blessings to you, Kev. 

So when did you first dream of a man back ther e? You actually think we care about your insecure image of yourself. Cute really!

It's a small thing, but did you ever notice that you do feel better when someone has a doormat which says "Welcome" ?   One of the best qualities someone can have is the ability to make someone else feel Welcome.

@ Kevdobbins35205: So, if you are disgusted with 'fags' like you wrote, why are you even here on that internet page? C'mon, you do admit that you're gay, aren't you?!

You are 100% right we grasp onto anything that is HAPPY and ACCEPTING. Although it seems to me those words seem to be lacking from your vocabulary seeing as you seem to think calling someone a fag or gay is hurtful or will somehow make them less of a person. When in fact the only subpar humans are the ones who belittle others for simply being who they are.

I hope that made you feel better.

Parasites look who's talking its dumb asses like u the world is full of stupid inbred discrimating idiots

I think commercials like this would open some peoples eyes and make them rethink their views. Would this ever air on anything but the Logo channel? I doubt it.

There is hope for us all if we quit judging and give everyone the respect they deserve as individuals! Thanks for sharing Allstate!

How beautiful!! Anyone that has an issue with this needs to look in the mirror, and worry about what goes on in their home,  and their home alone. 

Nice emotional ad. I'm gay. Surprisingly enough my husband and I have USAA. They have always covered us even before marriage in CA was legal. We were registered domestic partners in the state of CA, so laws here might have had a little to do with that -- I'm not sure. He's a veteran and they added me without question. Every claim we have ever made has been paid out within one week.They even financed my last vehicle purchase. The rates we pay are considerably lower than most, and as a not for profit company, we get a refund at the even of the year which is usually several hundred dollars. I will never switch from USAA to another company no matter what the ad.


i hate gay men, and im GAY, all my friends are straight, i have one gay friend, gay men are so pretencious, so judgemental! i feel more comfortable with my straight friends they dont judge me, they always got my back, queens will stab you in the back in a heartbeat! my straight friends dont care that im fat, or ugly, or have bad teeth! gots 2 b real, no time for fake ass bithes!

And what does your little rant have to do with this ad or Allstate ?  On topic bitch !

Clearly, English is NOT your first language. 

no. they do those things too. but since you are gay, they don't waste their time making you the focus of it. you are hanging out with them, because you are too scared to be evaluated as a potential partner for someone. unfortunately gay or straight, dating comes with some degree of judgement and bitchiness. you just have to learn to live with it it so you can find one of the ones that is worth it.

Do you realize that by saying " gay men are so pretencious, so judgemental!" that actually makes you the pretentious and judgmental one? (as well as a poor speller)

The correct spelling is judgemental, however, spelt without the 'e' is also acceptable in today's English.  It depends on which country you live in, I suppose.

"pretentious" is spelled wrong as well.

Midnight Angel - The difference between gay men and you.......We know to capitalize the I in our sentences.  

You know what people I hate? Ignorant, delusional people like you who feel they can generalize and categorize people based on common traits. "I hate gingers, they are all rude. Well I know a few gingers, and the ones I know are rude. So that means they are all rude, right?"

The irony of you calling anyone judgemental is clearly lost on you.

Hey midnight angel I say go on a diet get some lipo and see a dentist! And what in the hell is a bithes?

It's his LISP!!!!

Neatly proving the man's point in only one sentence...


I understand frustrations with claims in the past, but what all consumers need to realize is that state regulations govern the insurance rules. Even though we are recognized as married or partners, a lot of this is to provide the same discounted rates that heterosexual couples receive. Driving record is an underwriting guideline. If your driving record sucks, then a LOT of the companies will cancel your policy or charge you a huge premium. Claims involve a lot of state regulations and if your state DOI requires proof of something, then the insurance company will too. A lot of people suffer losses and complain about the way their insurance company handled it. Read your insurance contract if you really think you got screwed, it's all in there and approved by the state you live in. If you disagree with the insurance practices, then I suggest filing a complaint with the DOI.  It's your right as a consumer. 

The important thing to remember is that times are changing. This is just the bigger picture. A company like this may support people like me, but they still have laws they have to abide by. Unfortunately, until every single state recognize gay marriage, we will have the obstacles that Allstate MAY put us through. I feel like we should just be happy that they SUPPORT our legal rights now. People change. Business Change. Laws change. Let's just be happy that one more person/politician/company is backing us up.

Allstate is not the best company, even for straight people, but it does provide insurance, which is what people want it for.   Give your business to the community that supports you, if there is a LGBT Allstate agent, talk to them.  Like everything buy the best product or service you can afford!

Nice ad, but I doubt very much that this company will back it up.  My past experience is that their good hands are only really good at:  (a) charging higher rates than others; (b) making claims difficult; (c) canceling auto policies when the 2nd male in a gay couple has a not so great driving record, despite the excellent record of the policy owner.

More like "Allshit".

I totally disagree.  I have been an Allstate customer almost continuously for many decades.  (a) Every time I have switched I have ended up with crappy insurance & higher rates.  (b) I have never had a problem with an Allstate claim, and I have had TERRIBLE results with other companies, and (c) ALL auto insurance companies will cancel your insurance if one of the insured members has a crappy driving record.  A friend of mine lost her insurance because of her son's accidents !

I've read the naysayers posts, don't forget back in 2012 it was still a highly debated issue. They as with many business these days are growing and becoming open-minded. Kudos all state.

Scott I agree completely!! My partner and I had a policy through Allstate for years and then we had a claim and they pulled all that "we don't recognize same sex unions crap" and found out that even though we were both listed and had insurance cards, I wasn't covered. We cancelled and never looked back. Allstate can blow me.

Call Jordan (Allstate San Clemente, CA) for a free quote (949)492-2327

WOW, way to underscore "opportunist."

Beautiful, but bull crap PR.  My partner and I suffered a total loss fire on New years Eve of 2012.

The day I called into Allstate's "care center", I was grilled about my relationship by one of their senior claims personnel and then I was told that unless I could prove that we had a legal relationship (marriage or a civil union) then none of his items would be covered from the home we have been in together for over 8 years.

Luckily we had decided, on a whim, to travel out of our state (which did not recognize same-sex marriages or offer state-wide civil unions at the time) to Iowa and get married.

She still questioned this, even after sending in a marriage license/certificate. I guarantee a heterosexual couple wouldn't be put through this type of scrutiny and be forced to legitimize their marriage.  Thank god for the $25 firebox from Walmart that protected that Marriage License. And thank God again that Allstate does business in Iowa... that is the ONLY reason they accepted it.

If you want to tout your "good hands no matter what" message Allstate, perhaps you should put your money where your mouth is.

Blame your state, not the company.  They have to abide by the state's laws.

This Literally Brought tears to my eyes. this was Great <3

<3 <3 <3 :"D this is such a beautiful video! Thank you all state!

Welp beautiful song... And truth

Oh my god. So I'm going to check Allstate's rates now. Yup.

Wow, that was beautiful!


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