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Allyson Robinson Officially Resigns As Head Of Outserve-SLDN

Allyson Robinson has officially announced her resignation from Outserve-SLDN following last month's controversy surrounding her rumored ouster.
Robinson writes:

From Allyson Robinson:

Dear colleagues and friends,

I’m writing today to let you know that I’ll be stepping down from my role as Executive Director as of thisFriday, July 12. I am committed, through our organization’s critical period of transition and beyond, to contributing my strengths in any way I can toward the accomplishment our shared mission of full equality for LGBT service members, veterans, and their families.

I have said from the earliest days of my tenure our best future lies in entrusting this organization, its legacy, and its future to our members – to you. I am unequivocally confident that you can build a future for our cause that is worthy of the great sacrifices you have made and of the legacy of winning leadership you’ve built for the organization and the movement. You are today, and have always been, our future – and that future is bright.

Many of you have also heard me say, again and again, that it is an honor to serve. It has been my highest honor to lead and serve the troops of OutServe-SLDN and their families, and I offer you my deepest, most sincere gratitude for entrusting this honor to me. Your example inspires me, and has inspired a nation, to place service above self for a greater good. I look forward to continuing to serve alongside you in the cause of full equality for LGBT service members, veterans, and their families – and for all those they defend.

Yours in the fight,



Unfortunately drama still remains at the organization that protects and promotes the interests of LGBT servicemembers and veterans. Check out AMERICAblog's story regarding Outserve-SLDN's financial unrest and uncertainty as the organization determines how to move forward.