Am I Crazy For Thinking Joe Jonas' Arms Are Everything?


You might remember that just a couple weeks ago international singing, dancing, songwriting, modeling, acting, and fashion icon sensation Joe Jonas came out as openly Daddy with a big yummy capital D in some shirtless pics, and now these follow up beach peeks all but solidify his Daddy status!

The problem is that I'm in a little too deep with it comes to Joe Jonas - with "little too deep" translating to "he could clean out his belly button lint and it would bring me to fits of ecstasy," (actually, for real that would be intense) and I need non-Jonas stans to tell me if these pics are actually everything in the Universe or not!

Joe's younger brother Nick Jonas has out overshadowed big bro Joe for the past couple of years thanks to his starring roles in poorly performing movies and canceled television shows. Not to mention the fact that Nick is shredded for the dang Gawds and isn't afraid to show off his hard work at the gym on Instagram.

But now Joe is turning heads for those of us in need of a beefy as hell fuzzy Daddy in our lives, and I think if he continues to flash his yummers arms at the beach, he might just take the Jonas throne to rule them all! Or am I literally psycho? These particular pap pics are ruby diamante opal ring crusade 1% cash back preferred, so you'll need to hit the link below to check them out. And hit me if I've become delusional!   

Head HERE for the beach pics



Yes, yes you are crazy. 

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