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Amber Tamblyn Tapped To Go Gay For 'Two And A Half Men'

Well there may be a reason to watch Two And Half Men beyond the occasional Ashton Kutcher shirtless scene!

Amber Tamblyn has been tapped for the highly sought after role of Charlie Harper's long lost lesbian daughter! (Charlie, of course, was portrayed by Charlie Sheen until he left the series to consume tiger blood full time.)

TV Line reports:

The character, Jenny, shows up in the CBS comedy’s Sept. 26 premiere upon moving from New York City to Los Angeles to pursue a career in showbiz. She ends up crashing with her Uncle Alan (Jon Cryer) and Walden (Ashton Kutcher).

“She’s somewhat of a chip off the old block,” explains exec producer Chuck Lorre of Jenny. “She’s having a good time and doesn’t care about the destruction left behind her. Decadence from the other side felt long overdue.”

Tamblyn’s role is recurring (she’s booked for five episodes so far), with the option to become a series regular — ostensibly filling the void left by Angus T. Jones’ full-time exit.


We've loved Amber since her General Hospital days! (What?!) 

We think she'll be a great addition to the cast, but damn her for potentially making us watch this show. 

Will you be checking out Two And A Half Men's latest addition, Instincters?


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