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Is 'American Horror Story: Coven' Creator Ryan Murphy Hinting At The New Supreme?

American Horror Story: Coven creator Ryan Murphy tweets:


C'mon! You know you were thinking it during last night's Grammy red carpet! 

​For the record, Madonna can wear whatever she wants. 

Still, with AHS: Coven's season finale coming up on Wednesday, any last predictions on who will the next Supreme??

Let us know your theories! Any bets??


I am the next Supreme.

The way the show is going, Myrtle Snow (played by Frances Conroy) will probably wind up the new Supreme. I've seen weirder stuff happen on this show. . .

hahaha its gonna be Cordelia

they are all gonna kill each other and myrtle snow will be the only one left and she will finally get her life long wish!

It will be Fiona still .... Her daughter is helping her .... Notice all she saw in her third sight was Fiona being axed.  Not chopped up and fed to alligators.  Also they hinted at it when all the other witches asked that they didn't feel it that she was dead and wanted to go and save her.  That's when Cornelia said they can't due to alligator food .....   

I am the next supreme 

I say it's the baby 

It would be genius if he orchestrated that as a clue, but I don't think it could be that tight lipped.

Madonna's too old and frail.

I thought it'd be Stevie Nicks. She just played everyone. And The Seven Wonders is one of her songs...

i hope madonna is 

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