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'American Horror Story' Writer Confirms 'Carnival' Theme For Season Four


Was Ryan Murphy trying to throw us off the scent? The American Horror Story creator previously denounced rumors that the fourth season of AHS would be centered around a circus, but we guess that's technically different from a carnival! 

According to TVLine:

“It doesn’t have a title, but that’s the idea,” American Horror Story scribe Douglas Petrie confirmed during the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast when a co-panelist asked if “carnival” would be the theme. ”Very roughly, that’s the idea.”

Creator Ryan Murphy already announced that Season 4 will take place in the 1950s.

Circus or carnival, we're pretty sure we need to start mentally prepping ourselves for clowns. 

Any theories on the new season, Instincters?


Bring it on

Looking forward to this season. Asylum sets the bar pretty high with their last three episodes (plus the Anne Frank ep), and albeit a weak conclusion, Coven had flair with each new characters.

This makes me wonder how 'German' Lange's character will be, because of the hints about her accent preparation/training.

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