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'America's Next Top Model' Contestant, Chantelle Young, Opens Up On Rare Skin Condition

We're loving what 19-year-old model Chantelle Young is serving!  

Young tells TIME Magazine:

 “A lot of people have a story or a background, but mine is painted on my body.”

As TIME explains:

According to the National Institute of Health, vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder that destroys the cells that make pigment in the skin. This causes patches of white to appear in different places around the body — even hair in those patches can sometimes turn white. Only about 0.5% to 1% of people have vitiligo and it typically starts to appear when someone is in their mid-20s. The NIH says genders and races are impacted equally, although it is obviously more prominent in someone with naturally dark skin.

It’s possible that the patches could spread to other parts of the body, and the NIH says some people will experience a slow spread over many years, but some people will experience it quickly. If looked at under a microscope, the white patches will have no pigment-producing cells. Vitiligo can be a very difficult condition to deal with emotionally, so there are many support groups and mental-health experts equipped to help patients with the disorder.

There are various treatments for vitiligo, and it’s up to the individual how drastically they want to treat it. Treatments range from drugs to light therapy to treatments that fade the pigment away from the rest of the skin. Some people may opt for surgical procedures, while others use cosmetics to cover up. Others simply let it be.

Chantelle is dealing with a difficult circumstance not only gracefully, but fiercely--and she's stunning! 

We're excited to see her on the upcoming cycle of America's Next Top Model! Check out Chantelle's "Plea Video" for ANTM:




You better werk! There isnt enough time in life to be both fierce and respond to ignorant comments by people who dont matter. Besides, most people's opinions are neither required nor desired. You are fierce and making a statement to which i say rings loud and clear.
Just know you habe support not because of your beautiful look alone, but because you are brave and already a winner. Blessed be.

Stunning and unique!

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go Chantelle Young, Im so Inspired and happy to see you in the competition my vote is for you

First of all I would like to thank you for being an inspiration and I wish you the best of luck! You're beautiful and you have my vote! Well, as a person with vitiliago myself, thank you very much for having the bravery I always wished I had! It's been very hard for me to accept myself with what I have, especially being gay in a world where almost every gay man focus on looks and perfection. As I was growing up I noticed my condition and then realizing that I was gay made things harder on me because I always thought I'll never find that someone special. "I'm a freak," I kept telling myself. I used to wear makeup to cover my patches but they just kept getting bigger and more noticeable. Now seeing you is giving me the courage to have my pictures taken wearing nothing but shorts and letting people see the real me. Luckily I have met my someone special who I've been with for six years and him being a photographer will be the perfect one to ask to take my pictures. Thank you once again and we look forward to seeing you on the show!


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