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'America's Next Top Model' Reveals Men Of Cycle 21, Includes Alleged Violent Homophobe


America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 will see a return of male and female contestants, as well as the return of popular judge Miss J. 

"His name says it all. I’ve missed ‘Miss J.’ and am elated he’s back,” said ANTM creator, producer and host Tyra Banks. “I know Top Model fans will rejoice!”

Along with the official announcement concerning Miss J came the unveiling of the Cycle 21 competitors. Though all bring something unique to the table, one aspiring model in particular has found himself embroiled in headlines since the show's announcement. 

Adam Smith, a 26-year old from Texas, was called out by Queerty over the weekend for his alleged violent homophobic past as reported in 2010 in the Emory Wheel

The young gay student who said he was attacked by Adam told the campus paper:

“At first, when I walked into the party, some people were taking pictures of me and appreciating, if you will, what I was wearing,” he said. About half an hour later, however, another attendee — confirmed by multiple witnesses as recent alum Adam Smith (’10C) — took the student’s wizard hat and began questioning him. “This guy approached me and asked why I was wearing my hat. … I said that I like the hat, just as you like your pink shirt. He then asked me if I was gay, and I said I was. He then started choking me with his elbow and put me into a head lock, and he dragged me out of the party by my neck.” After the student was allegedly dragged the approximately 10 to 15 feet from the house’s common area to the door and thrown onto the front lawn, Smith was overheard telling other attendees “Hey, this kid’s a f****t.”

Adam (pictured above) took issue with the Wheel and Queerty's reporting, and attempted to clear up the situation in a lengthy statement

“I do not know the individual that I kicked out of the party. If I knew his name I would have already sent him a sincere and personal apology for the incident that occurred.

I am in NO WAY at all a homophobic person. I have many friends at Emory who will vouch for me as a friendly guy and a genuinely great person.

This article paints me in an unfairly negative way. It was originally written and published without my input at all, using accounts by the Wizard and his friend(s) only. I was told earlier tonight that an article had just been posted about me online. I shockingly read it in its entirety, including that “Smith was attempted to be reached for comment but did not respond.” For the record, I received zero emails, calls/texts, Facebook messages…I am sure if anyone on the Emory Wheel staff put in any sort of honest effort to contact me they easily could have. I tracked down the editor of the Wheel’s cell phone number and called him at 2am this morning, asking how this could have happened. He talked with me briefly, wrote down a few comments, and then informed me that the hard copy of the Wheel had already been printed but agreed to add in what I had to say in the online version.

If Emory wants to bring the issue to light that the student body and/or Greek system is unfriendly toward the LGBT community, and that “instances of violence [against LGBT] have been less visible on Emory’s campus”, I think this is a cheap, irresponsible, and unfair way to go about doing it. To take this hazy, isolated incident, blow it out of proportion, and turn me into a scapegoat and slander my name is ridiculous. I think it is unprofessional reporting and would hope for some sort of apology from the Emory Wheel.

Further there was not any “approving reaction” from the crowd at the party for me putting this kid in a headlock and throwing him out, nor was I walking around bragging to other people that I just kicked “this faggot kid” out of the party, high five bro…Really?? This whole dumb event occurred because I was drunk and thought it would be funny to throw someone out to the wrath of the huge security guard at the door, and the most ridiculous person that naturally stood out to me was this Wizard dressed kid. I purposely egged him on a little bit, he snapped back at me, and I threw him out.

So chalk this up as me being a drunk asshole, a frat guy with too much testosterone, or whatever you want to call me I really don’t care. I just want everyone to know that that’s literally all it was, that’s the honest truth. I’m not some ignorant bigot looking to bash homosexuals, so please don’t think that. I hope the Wheel in the future will find better content to publish, rather than turning something small like this into an inflated and untruthful story in order to spark artificial controversy at the cost of an individual like me.”

Whether or not Adam is an aggressive homophobe or just a drunk asshole, we're happy to report that (at least) two openly gay models (Will Jardell and Romeo Tostado) will join him in the reality show's upcoming season. 

Here are a few more images of the new ANTM cast. Any early favorites?

Ben Schreen:

Will Jardell:

Denzel Wells:

Keith Carlos:

Matthew Smith:

Romeo Tostado:


My vote goes to Romeo! I absolutely love you, and I don't even know you. You are so personable, and your look is so different. It's edgy and sexy, and androgynous! I almost hate you because you are so beautiful! Please don't quit the show.....

Please sign the petition below to have homophobic contestant Adam Smith removed from the show

Really!!! ANTM first a clearly homophobic judge and now a homophobic contestant.!!!!....unreal!

My Vote Goes to all of those men above ,but except that ass ,Adam !! Even if he was drunk , he shouldn't treat a human being like that . Its clearly an excuse .. If u dun like them , then dun judge . 

Top models?! Really? And that homophobic retard? With everything that's happening in the US for the gays? You will put up with something like that! Not in South Africa we don't!

Keith Carlos without a doubt ... smoldering good looks, attractive affair with the camera & incredible masculine energy. 




If anything, it's Matt...

Regardless of his defense, he never denied calling the party attendant a "faggot". There is NO defense for that, drunk OR sober! What an asshole. He will not win! When words like that flow out of the mouth so readily, it means he IS a homophobe or maybe just exhibiting some self hatred for his own latent homosexuality. I'm voting on the latter.

Romeo!!!! please vote for Romeo,very gorgeous contestant and knows how to model 

My vote is for Denzel Wells.. wow!!

Matthew Smith looks hot to me

Adam likes penis,  That is all.  Stevecrest OUT

My Vote goes to Romeo.... AMAZING

My vote goes to Ben Schreen....ruggedly handsome!

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