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Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, & Kelly Ripa Lose It Over 'Mystery Caller'

Andy Cohen celebrated the fifth anniversary of Watch What Happens Live! with special guests Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper! 

The highlight of the night was when Anderson and Kelly played "Mystery Caller" and without giving it away--let's just say the caller in question caused Anderson, Kelly, and Andy to queen out in a way that we truly appreciate (and emulate)! 


Did you guess the mystery caller?



Kelly is such a cunt, with her silly, over the top antics. She tries way too hard!

Anderson used to be cute, now his hair is white and so thin that you can see his scalp and his face old and sunken, looks like a ghost or corpse.

It's called aging.  He's still very handsome and probably has a mirror at home and aware of his looks.  You should pick one up next time your at the food bank or dollar tree.   Jealousy is an ugly thing, I think you'll be surprised whe you see yourself.  

Awesome response to the dork above :)

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