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Anderson Cooper Has A Crazy Gay Stalker!

Ay dios mio!! Our Silver Fox has a stalker! And he's batsh*t crazy!  (And it isn't a member of the Instinct staff, we swear!)

The New York Post reports:

Since 2008, Alex Hausner — described as a gay, Jewish white supremacist — has allegedly made unwelcome phone calls plus four attempts to see Cooper, last month trying to kick down the red, lacquered door to the posh, four-story West Village converted firehouse that Cooper shares with his hunky, bar-owner boyfriend.

“I swear to f--king God, don’t insult me,” a security camera caught Hausner shouting as he kicked, according to court papers. “I’m going to f--k you up!”


“They said I was not to be there — that’s not true,” Hausner ranted.

Hausner, who wore ripped jeans and a black T-shirt featuring the X-Men was ordered held in lieu of $75,000 bail on felony first-degree menacing, and misdemeanor harassment and stalking.

“He was told on numerous occasions not to call” Cooper, Assistant DA Rachel Ehrhardt said in court.

On June 22, Hausner “showed up at Anderson Cooper’s house, and he was told that he did not have permission to be at that location,” the prosecutor said.

Hausner has prior felony and misdemeanor convictions, she said.

“He was a radical — he believed in his [Jewish] religion, and he believed in the one race, the white race,” an ex-neighbor at Hausner’s SRO told The Post last night.


There are certain things we won't stand for and going after our Anderson is one of them!

Take your crazy somewhere else and fawn over Anderson's steely blue eyes, chiseled cheekbones and silver mane from a distance like the rest of us. 

When did lunacy get so disrespectful? And FYI, Alex, we think that whole "white supremacy" thing is gonna be a dealbreaker. 


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