Anderson Cooper Reveals: 'Andy Cohen Is A Top'

Anderson Cooper didn't hesitate to spill the tea when asked to reveal a secret about his pal Andy Cohen on the Watch What Happens Live After Show!

While he says there are many secrets he knows about dear Andy, Anderson believes that the one that would surprise many is that Andy takes the top bunk!

Watch! (Skip to 3:17)

Anderson: I know a lot of secrets about Andy, but I guess the one that would surprise people the most is that he’s a top.

Andy: Why, you think people think I’m a bottom?

Kelly: I don’t.

Anderson: Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m just saying, I think that would surprise people — I don’t know this from personal experience, but from conversations you and I have had.

Don't hold back, Anderson! Surprised by the reveal, Instincters?


Andy Cohen did say he likes to cuddle and he's always the big spoon. That comment was my, "Ahh haa moment", for him.

Different strokes for different folks, be nice people, i think they both are very hot men.

Andy Cohen is hot. I would bttm for him.

2 worthless, old snarly fags.

Andy talked about his sex life on Howard Stern a few years ago and told him he was s top. I was surprised myself!

I think Anderson is lying. Who in their right mind would let that bottom top them? And is why is that fag hag white cunt always near Cooper and Cohen trying to turn them straight?

It looks like Andy didnt like Anderson saying that!! lol

And just like every "top" on Grindr, Lies.   All lies.  

who cares. who could lay there and take a cock from such a tragic, snarly old fag like andy??!!

he needs to bleach them yellow teeth!

You would be so lucky , douche bag ...... cant even use ur name , cause u a pussy

Top what? Top hat? Top banana? A top for what?

Go on internet commenters... Let us know what you would do to either Anderson and/or Andy, because it is totally gonna happen.

I thought he was a nelly bottom for sure!

Not at all surprised ... I'd bottom for him ... any time!!!!

and I would most certainly TOP Anderson any time as well ... HMMM ... THREESOME BOYS ... I'm available!!!!!

Really...who really gives two tiddlywinks what the man does in his bedroom? 

I know, I'm more concerned about grown men who use words like tiddlywinks.

I just had to step in and say, you made me laugh :)

I think this issue of labeling someone as a top or a bottom is just silly. Versatility rocks! Besides, it's a label that carries a particular stigma. It's just silly. 

I'd say I'm a bit surprised. ;-)

It's impossible for me to care less about this topic.

Then why did you click the link and watch the whole clip? Was there a gun to your head? Either head, it doesn't matter!

I agree with Paul, you would care less if you didn't bother to read, watch and/or comment. I could care the appropriate amount to which your feelings matter about this comment.

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