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Anderson Cooper Shades Alec Baldwin On Twitter

Alec Baldwin's latest anti-gay slurs appear to have re-ignited his feud with Anderson Cooper. The Silver Fox is taking the actor to task once again on Twitter. 

Cooper also retweeted:


What do you think of Anderson calling Alec out again?


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Didn't anderson cooper show get canceled? Why is this? Ratings were down consecutively. Know one really cares what anderson cooper thinks. He tries to down play the whole My Mother Is Gloria Vanderbilt thing, yet he lives and breathes this. So boring and tired.

Interesting - if someone makes racial comments against black people no one would say it's there right to say what they want like @trac5133 said. Everyone would have agreed his comments were innexcusable but society still doesn't stand up for the gay community. Maybe someday we will all be treated equally. 

Good on Anderson. Baldwin needs anger management classes. He is worried about his wife and kid but he uses  gay slurs around them. Baldwin needs to think before opening his yap.

He is has been ! Who cares what he thinks ! 

All gay community should raise voice against Baldwin.Boycott him

Spill the tea, Anderson Cooper!

Good going Anderson!

I so upset with Alec.

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