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Anderson Cooper Shades Homophobic Pundit On Twitter

The typically well-tempered Anderson Cooper couldn't let a snide remark from homophobic pundit Damian Goddard slip through the Twitter cracks, and just had to pull out the sassy Andy that we rarely get to relish. 

"Mr. Cooper, you seem a good man with a warm heart. But you are dead wrong on #homosexuality. #praying for you," Damian wrote, practically begging for snark to come out of Anderson's keyboard. 

"@heydamo with that tie and pocket square combo I am praying for you too my friend"

(h/t: NNN)


#prayingforyou is that the new #ithinkyouwillburninhellyouhomo ?? ... well then, i suppose in that case #DamianGoddard is the new #ithinkyouareatwat

That should tell us all something, no one knows who the hell the other guy is. I am certain, no one still gives a crap. As far as it being "against this dudes religion" he can go to hell, because according to his zealot religion, that's where he will end up on the basis of judging others.

It's all cool/good. The more they talk about us the faster they will get used to us being main stream and move on. As a normal Gay man, I will take criticism and quite agree with Mr. Cooper. Dude! WTF with the pocket BS? 

hahahaha.  Love Anderson Cooper.  And who the fuck is the other dude?  Don't care! LOL

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