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Anderson Cooper's Stalker: 'I Have A Crush'

Anderson Cooper's stalker, Alex Hausner, wants the Silver Fox to know that he means him noharm. 

It's just a crush!!

The New York Post reports (based on court documents released today):

“I have a crush on Anderson, he is not in any danger,” Alex Hausner reassured a detective after he was arrested July 27.

“You’re hot,” he claimed Cooper told him when they passed each other in Union Square back in 2007. The fleeting compliment sparked a “mutual crush," he insisted.

It’s Cooper’s boyfriend, East Village bar owner Benjamin Maisani, who might have a thing or two to worry about from the Far Rockaway former psychiatric patient.

The deluded Hausner, 40, told cops that Maisani is threatened by his budding romance, delusional as it may be, with the silver-haired newsman.

“Not guilty at all!” Hausner announced at his Manhattan Supreme Court arraignment today on felony menacing, stalking and harassment charges. “These charges are nonsense.”

He then railed against Maisani in one of many emotional outbursts.

“As far as Mr. Maisani is concerned I’ve done nothing to him,” he declared. “He wants me out of the way and he’s trumping up charges.”


Prosecutor Rachel Ehrhardt said that Hausner is captured on video threatening Maisani and that he called CNN the day before he was arrested.

“He stated to the head of security there ‘that if you want a war, war is about to come, the worst is about to come,’ These are extremely threatening statements,” Ehrhardt explained.

The nutjob believes the anchorman sends him subliminal messages through his telecast.


You know, we get it. We're constantly assuming that Anderson's sending us subliminal messages of love every time those steely blue eyes come on screen. 

We'd even understand possibly going a bit over the rails if the Silver Fox called us "hot"--though we suspect that may not have ever actually happened in Hausner's case. 

You've just gotta cool it with the threats, Alex. Maybe try playing hard to get. From across state lines?


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