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Andre Leon Talley, Former 'Vogue' Editor-At-Large, Is Not 'Gay'

Andre Leon Talley isn't gay. 

Or at least he doesn't embrace the label. The former right-hand man to Vogue editrix Anna Wintour is profiled in the September issue of Vanity Fair

Here's an excerpt:

When Grigoriadis asks Talley if he thought he was gay, even in high school, he responds, “No, no, no. I was just into my magazines and the drawings. I had a very strict upbringing, almost puritanical. I lived there all the way through college. I was in my grandmother’s house, and I respected that!” Talley tells Grigoriadis that he rejects the “label” and says that, while he has “had very gay experiences, yes, I swear on my grandmother’s grave that I never slept with a single designer in my life. Never, ever desired, never was asked, never was approached, never, ever bought, in my entire career. Never. Not one. Skinny or fat. Never.”

Talley also tells Grigoriadis that he has never been in love with a man—only two women: one a fellow student in Providence, the other a society woman with whom he fell in love after a night of dancing in Manhattan and whose name he declines to share because she later married and had children.


Andre, that closet is packed with too many furs. Don't try to fit into it!

What do you think of Talley's "very gay experiences" but rejection of the "gay label," Instincters?


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THANK GOD SOMEbody has a modicum of style, sophistication and grace left, and not jump on the rah-rah bandwagon. Living free does not have to mean on a pride float sponsored by McCorporania™.

I don't understand your point.  There are PLENTY of gays and lesbians who don't go to Pride events and whatnot, and PLENTY that do.  There's nothing wrong with either. Living free means just that.

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People like André Leon Talley being in the public eye scare me. They scare me by reminding me of what I could have become if I kept living in denial of myself.

I come from a strict, anti-gay upbringing as well. To the point of such hypocrisy that if I came out as gay, I was not allowed to have same sex company over. Meanwhile, my heterosexual siblings had their significant others over. Hence how my at-the-time unwed sister and her then boyfriend conceived her youngest son in that very house.

My point is the chains of that strict upbringing led to me taking extreme measures to break myself free from them. And that includes my porn past. If I can see that of myself, André Leon Talley needs to do the same. For he obviously has not outgrown those chains. They are still on him.

One truth, Many Paths.

no he is just in the low down

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