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Andrew Garfield Elaborates On Why Spiderman Could Be Gay & His Michael B. Jordan Crush

Sigh. We love him. 

Andrew Garfield gave a thoughtful interview to Vulture where he elaborates on his previous assertion that Spiderman could be gay and delves deeper into his infatuation (purely talent based??) with Michael B. Jordan!

Here's an excerpt from the Vulture interview:

Vulture: I liked your recent, half-serious suggestion that Michael B. Jordan should play Spider-Man's next love interest, M.J.

Andrew Garfield: My beliefs about living and about life and about the world and humankind have nothing to do with Spider-Man, but what I do believe is that Spider-Man stands for equality. Spider-Man will protect whoever needs protecting: gay, straight, black, lesbian, bisexual, transgender. He's not gonna go help the middle-class white dude before he helps the homosexual black dude! He is an Everyman, and he is covered head to toe in costume, which is different than any other superhero I'm aware of, and I think that's why he's so universally relatable. And he is color-blind and he is blind to any sexual orientation, so it was more just a philosophical question of "Why not?" And I stick to it. I long for the time when we don't see skin color, where sexual orientation is treated as a small thread in the fabric of a person as opposed to defining them. 

But real talk, Andrew, where did the obsession with Michael B. Jordan come from, and where has it taken you? Did you start with The Wire? Have you bawled at Friday Night Lights and Fruitvale Station yet?

[Laughs.] I haven't seen Fruitvale yet, but I'm so excited to see it. It was The Wire where I first saw him and he broke my heart. And then of course I've been following him since, even in the movie he did with Dane DeHaan, Chronicle. And I saw that Michael responded to my comments, and I love that he took it in the fun that it was meant. It shows an evolved dude, you know? It shows a guy who gets it. 


We get it, Andrew!! We get it!!!!

What do you think of Andrew's comments, Instincters? Are you swooning too?


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